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Information about the location of Plataria

Plataria / Epirus / Igoumenitsa

Coming from Igoumenitsa, Plataria is the first beautiful place on the way south. Just 12 km from Igoumenitsa is the beautiful bay of Plataria, embedded in green hills. It is the first tourist destination in a southerly direction.
With the new motorway connection to Thesaloniki and Athens, Plataria has become one of the first points of contact also for the inner-Greek tourism. The extension of the highway to Patras allows a drive from Athens to Plataria in just 4 ½ hours. In just 45 minutes you can reach the nearest major town of Ioannina, where all the facilities of a modern city are located.
Thus, the area of ​​Plataria has become one of the most important regions of Epirus, literally a few kilometers from the port of Igoumenitsa (Gateway to and from Europe).
Other places worth mentioning in the Thesprotia administrative district are Sagiada, Sivota, Perdika, Paramythia, etc.
The small port city of Plataria is located in northwestern Greece. Amazing landscapes and natural beauties with greenery, clean beaches, some restaurants and apartments cover the charming place.

Plataria is located in a touristy central location.
Distances to nearby tourist destinations are:
Sagiada 20 km, Igoumenitsa 12 km, Sivota 10 km, Parga 25 km, Ioannina 75 km, Prevezza 80 km

The area also offers places steeped in history. Greece is full of archaeological sights. Close to Plataria is the Byzantine castle of Polyneri or the Turkish fortress in Sivota. The ancient oracle of Dodoni is 70 km away and the Meteora monasteries can be reached in 1 ½ hours by car.

Plataria has grown into a modern place that is fully aware of its cultural heritage. This is proven by the many organizations and institutes, including the Folklore Museum of Plataria and the lending library, which is under the auspices of the Cultural Association. In addition to a primary school, there are also a grammar school, a kindergarten and a day care center.
In 1928, Plataria had 128 inhabitants. In 2018 there are almost 1000. Due to its location and beauty, the population is steadily increasing. Not least because of the popularity of the moving people from all regions of Europe, especially from Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy.
The rich tradition of fishing and the cultivation of olive trees is reflected today in the gastronomic offer of this small town full of charm and warmth. A unique combination of a rich cultural heritage.
The tranquility and warmth as well as the hospitality of the locals make this place an unforgettable tourist destination. The beautifully situated bay, which opens wonderfully evenly in the direction of the island of Corfu and shows the most beautiful sunsets on balmy summer evenings, invites you to linger and come back.

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